IOTA Membership

Membership and Subscription Information

Membership in IOTA includes a subscription to the Journal for Occultation Astronomy and annual predictions and supplements. Memberships are US$40.00 per year for USA, Canada, and Mexico; and US$45.00 per year for all others. Observers from Europe and the British Isles should join the European Section (IOTA/ES)–see below.

There are two ways to submit payment:

  1. by completing the IOTA Membership and Observer Information Form and mailing it with a check to the IOTA Secretary-Treasurer or
  2. by submitting credit card payment via PayPal (no account needed) and mail/email the membership form to the IOTA Secretary-Treasurer.

IOTA membership application (MS Word Document)
IOTA membership application (PDF format)

All payments made to IOTA must be in United States funds and drawn on a US bank, or by credit card charge via IOTA’s PayPal page.

Memberships may be made for one or two years, only. If mailing a check, make it payable to IOTA and send to the address found on the IOTA Membership and Observer Information Form.

IOTA/ES Membership:

Observers from Europe and the British Isles should join IOTA/ES, sending a Eurocheck for EURO 25,00 (bank-transfer-costs included) to the account:

Bartold-Knaust-Strasse 8;
D-30459 Hannover, Germany;
Postgiro Hannover 555 829-303;
bank code number (Bankleitzahl) 250 100 30.

Sending EURO 20, EU-members must use the IBAN- and BIC-code as additional bank-address (IBAN: DE97 2501 0030 0555 8293 03, BIC: PBNKDEFF).

German members should give IOTA/ES an authorization for collection or Einzugs-Ermaechtigung to their bank account. Please contact the Secretary for a blank form.

Full membership in IOTA/ES includes one supplement for European observers (total and grazing occultations) and minor planet occultation data, including last-minute predictions (when available). The addresses for IOTA/ES are:

     Eberhard H. R. Bredner                                   Hans-Joachim Bode
     IOTA/ES Secretary                                        IOTA/ES President
     Ginsterweg  14                                           Bartold-Knaust-Str. 8
     D-59229 Ahlen 4 (Dolberg)                                D-30459 Hannover 91
     Germany                                                  Germany

     Phone: 49-2388-3658 (in Germany  0-2388-3658)            Phone: 49-511-424696 (in Germany 0-511-424696)
                                                              Fax: 49-511-233